Asma Khapra, MD

Dr. Asma Khapra is a seasoned Gastroenterologist in the DC metro area. Over her 20 year career, she has taken care of thousands of women and specializes in women’s digestive and pelvic health and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She has a deep passion for the care of women. Through speaking on a national stage, being featured in articles and podcasts and contributing to a Mayo Clinic book on Women’s Health, she enjoys helping women live their healthiest lives. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UVA School of Medicine, mentoring aspiring Gastroenterologists. Recognized on Washingtonian magazine’s Best Doctor list since 2014, Dr. Khapra also lends her expertise as a consultant to digital health startups.


Latha Alaparthi MD, MBA

With 22+ years of experience in Gastroenterology , has held key roles in the management of medical practice, hospital systems and national organizations, such as President of DHPA. At DHPA she lead over 2300 gastroenterologists in their advocacy efforts for patient care at national and state levels. She has lobbied congress, insurance companies and health systems to improve the care for women. She has obtained her MBA and is now appointed as Associate Chief Medical Officer for the Milford Campus of YNHH/Bridgeport Hospital, where she continues her commitment to women’s health, equality, and innovative healthcare delivery.

Aja McCutchen, MD

With a dynamic 17-year career in gastroenterology, Dr. Aja McCutchen leads medical innovation and executive leadership. Recognized as “Physician of the Year,” as she has advanced both equity and financial growth of large national organizations in Gastroenterology. Committed to women’s health, she has impacted over 40,000 women, showcasing her expertise and dedication to advancing healthcare equity. Beyond being a physician, Dr. McCutchen is a visionary entrepreneur shaping the future of gastroenterology with courage, intelligence, and an unwavering commitment to progress and inclusivity.

Our Values

Empowering Digestive Wellness for Every Woman

Optimizing Women's Gut Health

At OLVI, we're committed to enhancing women's well-being through personalized digestive health insights. Grounded in the latest science, we aim to change the conversation around gut health and menopause, offering support and solutions tailored to every stage of a woman's life.

Leveraging Uniqueness for Tailored Solutions

We recognize every woman's gut health journey is unique. By valuing individual experiences, we create personalized pathways to wellness, embracing the diversity of women's health needs with empathy and innovation.

Value Through Innovation

Driven by the goal to deliver unparalleled value, OLVI combines cutting-edge research with practical, innovative solutions. Our platform is designed to empower women with knowledge and tools for managing their digestive health, promoting equity in healthcare access and outcomes.

Inclusivity and Support in Gut Health

Challenging the status quo, OLVI stands as a beacon for inclusivity in women's gut health. We address disparities and support resilience through comprehensive resources, ensuring every woman feels seen, heard, and supported on her health journey.